Part Time Hifdh

The purpose of the Part Time Hifdh program is to create the opportunity for our children to have the good fortune and blessing of being used as a tool for the safeguarding of the Glorious Quran and attain to memory those surahs of the Quran that have been instructed to be recited daily.

  • 30th Juz
  • 29th Juz
  • Surah Kahf
  • Surah Sajdah
  • Surah Yaseen
  • Surah Dukhan
  • Surah Rahman
  • Surah Waaqi’ah

Program structure:
This program is divided into four categories:

  1. Sabaq (new lesson)- Students are required to memorize a new portion of the Quran daily.
  2. Sabaq Para (last lesson)- Students, in an effort to reinforce the new lessons they have memorized, are required to recite
    all the previous lesson they have learned for the surah or juzz they are currently memorizing.
  3. Daur (revision)- Students are required to continuously revise what they have memorized on a daily basis by reciting
    previous surahs or juzz memorized. Revision should not be less than half a juzz.
  4. Tajweed- Students will continuously be assessed on their ability to understand and apply the rules of Tajweed that
    pertain to the correct recitation of the Quran.

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See more details about the program here: Part Time Hifdh Program Details (PDF)